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My name is Ryan Burgess and I live in Cincinnati, OH. I'm a skier and a photographer with a extreme love for outdoor lifestyle and the gear that follows. I recently graduated college with a degree in information systems and economics from Ohio University, where I lead the ski and snowboard club across the country to various resorts.  For a larger range of information about me and my adventures, be sure to follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

Ryan Burgess

My Trail Map

Traveling with family, friends, co-workers, and alone has allowed my trail map to constantly grow larger by the day.  I want to give a background from where my map started to where it is ever changing and progressing. Whether it leads to beaches of Sanibel Island, Valleys of the Ohio River, or the Rocky Mountains, each piece of my map has important values and experiences I have taken in to make myself who I am today.

Adaptability - Many times in one's life changes are rapid, evolving and never constant.  I have experienced these first-hand throughout my young life, between my peanut allergies and awkward double jointed elbows... sometimes things just can not be planned with pencil and paper.

Adventure - My rule of thumb will be to step Out Of Bounds to adventure outside of my comfort zones.  The more I experience new human interactions among my adventures, the more I realize how one has to engage while on these adventures.  There lies amazing opportunities for interaction whether it be planned or spontaneous.  Everyone's map is different but there are many roads that cross the same path.

Family - Believing your family is only the immediate members that shared a household with you growing up simply does not cut it for me.  The individuals that were around me through out the years have influenced me in a positive manner and supported me through it all.  My family isn't just my parents and brother, but my family also includes individuals in which I have created special bonds.  Friendship is ageless; the friends that share this special relationship with me end up becoming a part of my family forever.

Nick & I at UC vs. Purdue Football Programs at Nippert Stadium in Cincinnati, OH. August 2014