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The Mountains Are Calling

Ryan Burgess

For the last 6-7 winters, some of my best friends and I have gone on a trip generally ran by ourselves or students we left in charge of the ski and snowboard club was ran at university.  This trip is something many of us, myself included look forward to every year as it becomes a reunion trip for a lot of us alumni.  Many of us are scattered across Ohio and the US now so for some this is the only time we get to see each other as our lives become busier than the great times back in Athens. 

This year was different though, and in a positive way.  It was a much more personal trip for all involved.  Myself and two of my great friends, Michael and Danny, started talks about our trip(s) planning back in July & August when we started looking for condos that we could rent for a longer duration than we normally take on the university trips through the club.  The club's trip were always limited to weeks and locations you could use to the amount of students attending the trips and the way winter breaks would fall between semesters and finals. 

Horizons of Breckenridge Mountain Resort looking back towards town & Keystone.  Shot by my friend Ryan Lavernge. 

Horizons of Breckenridge Mountain Resort looking back towards town & Keystone.  Shot by my friend Ryan Lavernge. 

Our goal was to go later in the year than we typically had before; be as close to ski-in; ski-out skiing as possible within a reasonable price range for our group; and get extra days on the slopes than we typically would.  We ended up with the week following Martin Luther King Day, giving some individuals depending upon their jobs a short work week and allowing them to only have to take off 4 days instead of a typical 5 for the week. 



There was a reason we chose to go back to Breckenridge out of all the other resorts we could have chosen.  It was our first trip really all together as a group, and blossomed an amazing relationship with some friends of my that are extremely near and dear to my heart now. This was back in December 2010.  Nearly 6 years later; and our gang is just growing with more rad individuals.  

Michael had hinted around the idea that he was going to propose; and Breckenridge easily became the decision of where we were going this year.   This is were their relationship started; and where he wanted to continue the next chapter of his life with his future fiance.  This story will definitely need another post! 


The surf at Breckenridge turned into some of the best days to date I have had on skis, and being able to ride and connect with so many friends I hadn't seen in a quite awhile, some since Telluride in 2015. Overall, the trip was extremely memorable and can't wait to call Colorado home.